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Inaugural Twilight Angus Bull Sale
Monday, 31st July 4pm,
Glen Innes Showgrounds

Interfaced on Auctions Plus
Inspections Welcome
Supplementary Sheets coming soon

Agent: Shad Bailey 0458 322 283 (Colin Say & Co)

*Open Day every Day. Phone Tom 0429908324 to arrange day and time
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Find Value. Save Time

Sale Bulls 2023. 

"Pedigrees that produce profitable carcass data"


G A R Home Town

Lot 1
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Lot 2
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Lot 3
Fix Lot 3.jpg
Lot 4
Fix Lot 4.jpg
Lot 5
Fix Lot 5.jpg
Lot 6
Fix Lot 6.jpg
Lot 7
Fix Lot 7.jpg
Lot 8
Fix Lot 8.jpg
Lot 9
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Lot 10
Fix Lot 10.jpg
Fix Lot 11.jpg
Lot 11
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Lot 12
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Lot 13
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Lot 14
Lot 15
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Lot 16
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Lot 17
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Fix Lot 18.jpg
Lot 18
Fix Lot 19.jpg
Lot 19
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Lot 20
Lot 21
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Lot 22
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