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"Pedigrees that produce profitable carcass data"

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Phone:  Tom Williamson 0429908324 Agent: Shad Bailey 0458 322 283 (Colin Say & Co)

Monday, 29th July 2024.

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Lot 1 Moore Park T92

Our sale begins with a bull that challenges the notion that you can't have both muscle and IMF together. This bull scanned with EMA of 140 and IMF of 7.6 with moderate rib and rump. Its no wonder this bull is a leader for profitability selection indexes.#TasteFatNotWasteFat 

Lot 2 Moore Park T150

"Indi's Pick" due to the fact she can pat him off the horse. A Home Town son with a lot of capacity along with a great temperament. True Carcase merit with marble in a masculine package. Scanning P8 12 Rib 8 EMA138 IMF 6.8

Lot 5 Moore Park Ultimate U9

Unique. Ultimate. Unprecedented. 

A high indexing bull with great disposition, phenotype and genotype.  He's pretty hard to miss. 

Scanning P8 9, Rib 7, EMA 124, IMF 5.8.  This is a U bull with the scope of a T bull.

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